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I have set up a local Funambol server and created an account. Then I installed Funambol Sync 9.0.1 on my android device (HTC Desire, CyanogenMod 7.0.3 stable (Android 2.3.3)) directly (by APK) because I don't have (and don't want) The Google App Pack.

I configured it and it syncs contacts fine. However, it only gives me the option to sync contacts: my user interface looks different than the screenshots on here. When opening the sync app I have only one big button that is labeled "Sync Contacts", I don't have a list like in the screenshot. Also, the 'Settings' don't have an "Account" tab.

I wish to sync calendars (at least). What could be the cause of this? Have I installed it incorrectly?

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I got it to work now. The problem was that

  • calendar sync appearently wasn't supported by Funambol Android client v9.0.1 (which is not the latest version, whatever their download page says)
  • the most recent version v10.0.3 has a bug that prevents a calendar from being created if none exists on Android v2.3 and above.

You can either wait for the next snapshot or patch it yourself: in the Funambol Android Client sources in file src/com/funambol/android/source/pim/calendar/ find the line (280):

if (Integer.parseInt(Build.VERSION.SDK) == 8 ) {

and replace it with

if (Integer.parseInt(Build.VERSION.SDK) >= 8 ) {

and compile.

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Judging by the reviews on the Market, it looks like the ability to sync to your own server was removed in one of the latest versions of Funambol Sync.

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Where did you find that? I read all the comments, and the only comment concerning the calendar sync says that it's available with firmware 2.2.1 and higher. I do however have 2.3.3, so shouldn't it be available? – user634618 Jun 4 '11 at 14:45

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