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I made a group that has around 18 contacts. I wanted to send a text message to everyone. When I was prompted to select contacts from the group, it would not let me select more than 10. Anyone know how I can get around that limitation? I have a Samsung Infuse.

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This is generally limited to prevent easy spam methods. I would think you'd need a different SMS app. – Matthew Read Jun 3 '11 at 15:36
Try Goggle Messenger app for texting. – Bui May 28 at 15:10

Handcent should let you send more than 10 messages at once. It has a nice interface for selecting multiple contacts too. I haven't tested this (I don't want to send 10+ people a random text :) ).

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I tried out Handcent by sending to a group of more than 75 people and it worked without a hitch – Martin Dec 27 '12 at 13:24

If you are constantly sending group messages you may want to check out some of the Group apps for Android.

GroupMe - creates an independent phone number for the group to text for those without data. -

Disco - a google owned or backed group messaging app -

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