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I recently acquired an HTC Desire Z / G2, and installed Cyanogenmod 7 onto it. Something I've noticed though is that sometimes the battery drains very quickly, and sometimes it does not. Since I have a tendency to charge the battery very often, even when it has not discharged much, I get the feeling that the battery stats are not correct.

As I recall, before resetting battery stats, I should make sure the battery is at 100%. My question to that is, how can I tell if my battery is at 100%? Is it when the LED power indicator is constantly green? When Android reports as 100%?

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"100%" isn't as straightforward a concept as you might think on Android. Have a read of this:

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If the phone is on the charger, a lot of the lock screens will show the battery percentage or "Charged" if at 100%.

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Try this app Battery Minder. It alerts the user if the battery is low or fully charged.

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