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Where does this app store save the downloaded APK file? I have a problem where certain apps will only install when the sdcard is unmounted. The Amazon App store needs sdcard to be mounted

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This is based on my EVO, but they appear to download into the Appstore's "private" external storage directory, which is /sdcard/Android/data/ From what I've seen they appear to then get deleted after being installed, but anything which has been downloaded and not installed looks to be there.

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Thanks for your answer @eldarerathis!

Looks like it might have changed slightly since then. On my Motorola Bionic I found the apk files /sdcard/Android/data/

An update to one of my apps would download in the Amazon appstore but wouldn't install for whatever reason. So I clicked "download" in the app store, then immediately opened ESFile explorer, found the apk, waited for it to finish downloading (clicking "refresh" once in a while). Then I just clicked the apk there and it installed perfectly. Woot!

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