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I had been using stock browser all the while. Recently, I found out that opera mobile is much more faster when I double tap to zoom in. I would like to switch my daily use to opera mobile. However, the shortcoming I found out is that, they do not have a single bar for me to search and type address. Is there any workaround or plugin for me to do so?

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I don't know of any way to physically combine the two fields. However, the most recent update (11.1) added the following:

One field does it all

You can now type both web addresses and search queries in your browser's address field. Or, if you prefer, you can still use the search field with your favorite search engines.

So if you start typing into the address bar, you'll now be given the option to perform a search for whatever you entered. You just tap on the "Search: [text]" item that appears under the address bar:

Example of Opera search

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