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Any idea how can I connect my Samsung Galaxy Mini to Sony KDL-22EX320 Bravia tv? I cannot get it to show up as a USB device. The tv manual also mentions the possibility of browsing wifi devices but I have no idea how to set up wifi connection between them. Please note I don't want to connect my phone to tv as described here, I just want to get pictures straight off of my phone onto the tv screen.

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You can use the "AllShare" apk, which enable you to use DLNA phone device (Im considering that your sony bravia supports DLNA).

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Thanks for putting me on the right track! Couldn't find AllShare and installed iMediaShare from Android Market. Although the tv does not show up in the app I could browse multimedia on the tv which found DLNA server via wifi without any additional configuration. – helcim Jun 19 '11 at 18:04

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