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Android 2.1 - If I open my Gmail e-mails and I want to type then I just can't turn off the keyboard sounds. How can I turn it off? (not the notification, etc. all sounds, just the keyboard sounds.)

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From your home screen, press Menu -> Settings -> Language and Keyboard. From here select the keyboard you are using. In the next page of settings, you should see something like Audio feedback for swype, or Sound on keypress for flexT9. You can modify Vibrate on keypress there too if you wish.

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you may have to search a little once you choose they keyboard you have, for flexT9 it was under Preferences but swype just has that setting on it's first menu. –  jlehenbauer Jun 24 '11 at 16:51

Go to Settings > Language & keyboard > Android keyboard and make sure "Sound on keypress" is unchecked.

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Go to: Settings -> Sound and display -> System Volume

and set that down to 0..... that's it you wont hear another sound while typing

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This is for the the Acer android tablet: Go to the keyboard and press and hold the key with the microphone icon and the input options menu should pop up, you then have access to android keyboard settings ... uncheck the typing sound box and there you go ... simples.

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At least on the Samsung Galaxy S2, this can be done as follows:

Go to Settings → language → keyboard → samsung keypad, click the setting button next to the Samsung keypad → advanced, make sure "key tap" and "vibrate" are BOTH OFF.

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This is for the samsung galaxy mega, go to settings then my device then language and input then look for "keyboards and input methods".Just above "swipe tap" is "samsung keyboard and to the right of it is the setting icon press . Press icon then uncheck "keyboard sound"

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its system volume set to 0 no more typing sound

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This is not necessarily the case with all keyboards - or even on any single keyboard that I'm aware of. –  dotVezz Feb 3 at 19:20

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