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Possible Duplicate:
How do I update the OS in my device?

I'm not an expert in this, and need help. I have serious issues with the Froyo build and want to upgrade my brand new phone to Gingerbread. How can I do this? It is not available as a standard upgrade through the manufacturer.

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  1. Root it.
  2. Install Clockworkmod Recovery.
    1. Install ROM Manager.
    2. Run it and select your device.
    3. Choose the "Flash Clockwork recovery" (or similar) option.
  3. Install a custom ROM.

Note that doing this voids your warranty and may brick your device. I highly recommend reading through the XDA forum (the last link above) so you get a good grasp of everything involved here. In particular, a lot of the ROMs are for "GEN2 devices". I don't know know if that's a hardware revision or a firmware version, or if there are any relevant differences between the Dell XCD35 and the ZTE Blade that you would need to account for before installing a Blade ROM. Edit: See for some useful info, the rest of that wiki is useful too.

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In that case, I'm going to read up and be thorough before I do it. Thanks Matthew! – J Pearl Jun 25 '11 at 4:17

Full guide to root & upgrate to 2.3 rom found on

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