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My android (Sony Xperia 10a) spontaneously reboots on a 1m to 15m cycle. I had a Nokia before and I think it rebooted more often than expected as well. My Google contacts, a SIM and AT&T are the only things I brought forward from one to the other so I suspect all three.

Does anyone know if a bad SIM can cause rebooting?

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this question is too vague to be useful – Lie Ryan Jul 8 '11 at 5:48

Perhaps it could but not in this case. I'm going to go with faulty hardware and here's why. I have tried the following:

Action.... Rationale

  • full reset ... installed too many apps and corrupted OS?
  • full reset and reformat memory card ... corrupt file system on mem card?
  • full reset and don't use a memory card ... defective mem card? new sim card ... bad sim?
  • full reset + new google account ... bad data in google account?
  • full reset + original google account but do not activate any location awareness ... suspect GPS issue

In each case I can get the phone to fail in 5-45 minutes and usually within 20m as long as I'm tranferring some data via 3g (youtube, downloads etc).

So, since I have swapped out everything except the physical phone hardware the problem must lay in the device itself. Glad there's a manufacturer's warranty

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yes, I have had a windows 8 phone crash and switch off with extreme frequency- got new sim card issued by supplier and phone now totally reliable. it's the simplest thing to check and it doesn't require you to do the whole backup and restore thing.

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Had these symptoms on a Samsung S3 Neo, pretty sure its the card because it does the same in my older phone but only when using 3/4G. Interestingly it only happens when the battery is below 80% for some reason.

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