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I have Samsung Galaxy Ace running Froyo.

While writing text, installing/removing app or doing any kind of play. My phone vibrates 2 times. Where as I am not using vibration for any event. You have also expirienced this vibration with a popup message that some application stop responding. But I didnt get that message. So that i can identify the porblem area. I guess some inside applicaiton crashes and this vibration happens.

Can any one give some pointer on it? How can I fix it.

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Its difficult to find the Problem without the Device. But you can Activate the Debug mode (Preferences->Applications->Development->USB-Debuging) Then you can start Eclipse. Open the DDMS Perspektive and there LogCat.

Perhaps you find there the BuggyApp.

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I will try this. – Tahir Akram Jul 25 '11 at 18:27

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