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I have installed cyanogenmod in my htc wildfire recently. I made a nand backup of the previous ROM and I need some stuff that I didnt back up. Is there any way to extract files from the ROM without reinstalling it on my phone? I tried to mount it on a linux machine but I dont know which filesystem it uses.

In case it is useful, what I need are some pictures that I thought that were in the sd card and apparently they were in the internal memory.

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As far as I know, Nandroid uses the yaffs2 file system for storing backups inside the .img files.

A quick search on Google points to these instructions on extracting files from a Nandroid backup:

First you will need to download and build the "unyaffs" module:

svn checkout unyaffs
cd unyaffs
gcc -o unyaffs unyaffs.c

Then copy the image file off your phone's Nandroid directory and extract it:

mkdir data && cd data
~/src/android/unyaffs/unyaffs /[path-to-backup-folder]/data.img
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the svn is not working so I downloaded the files from browser. Still unyaffs worked without problems – santiagozky Jul 7 '11 at 16:15

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