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Is there a google-plus application for Android 1.6? My device won't be updated to 2.0+, so unless someone writes a 1.6 compatible app, I'm stuck without it.

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The official Google+ app requires Android 2.1 or newer, and as the market share for 1.6 and older is now vanishingly small, and getting smaller by the day (at time of writing the combined market share of 1.5 + 1.6 is 3.6%) it's unlikely to be modified to work on older OSs. Similarly unless there's a dev who's also stuck on 1.6 himself and desperate to use Google+, a market share like that is barely worth most Devs efforts to create a 3rd party app if there's features in newer platform versions that would make things easier for them.

Your best bet is to use the web interface at as the Google+ for mobile page specifically states that that is compatible with Android 1.5 and up.

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You have 2 main options:

1) Use web based Google+ through your browser 2) OR, root your phone and put a custom ROM that has android v2.1 or higher.

If you are willing to do the latter, then google around or search here on

find your device in the master list, and try to find root and rom instructions there. Chances are, if you have a G1, My Touch, Cliq or any of the old devices, you will find instructions on how to get a 2.1+ ROM

Happy rooting! :)

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Mhhh... This is gonna be impossible / tricky...

I'd say:

a) Check if you have any custom ROM developed for your phone (cyanogen & co) so you can upgrade not officially your android version

b) Wait for seesmic and similar application to support google+ and use one of those

c) Use the web version (but I suppose you do not like it)

If you give further information about your android I'll try to be much more specific :)

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I've suggested to use the web application too :/ – Pitto Jul 11 '11 at 12:20
The Internet is so unfair! :P – Pitto Nov 21 '12 at 23:07

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