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On the iPod Touch/iPhone since it is tied to your iTunes account, I am quite sure you can have your bought apps on multiple devices you own (can't test though iPod Touch was stolen).

However now I have the Motorola Droid, and am waiting for a tablet, and considering getting a Nook and rooting it to run my own apps.

Question is, if you buy an app on the marketplace, how is the security done:

  1. Is it tied to your Gmail account so you can share it between devices you own?
  2. Is it tied to the device? (Don't break/replace your phone!)
  3. As long as it's installed, you're OK? (If you uninstall, or wipe your device, it's gone).

I assume 3 is highly unlikely, though a possibility, so leaving it here as a potential answer to my question.

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On your phone open the Android Market app, press Menu, then select Help, then choose Troubleshooting (under Users), you should now see the "Retrieving previously purchased apps" headline. This says:

Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited number of times on any device.


If you change devices, you can install previous purchases by making sure you sign into your device with the same Google Account you used on your previous phone.

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Not a technical answer, but in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement '3.6 Reinstalls' it states that you can (no mention of different devices though).

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