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Does anyone know where Swype stores the user dictionary? I wasn't careful enough at the outset and now it prefers "Amanfa" to "Amanda" which is hugely annoying. I haven't been able to delete it. I'd really like to at least see if I can't bushwhack my way to a back door and look through the dictionary myself.

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possible duplicate of Can I edit Swype's user dictionary to remove typos? – Matthew Read Jul 13 '11 at 17:07
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So far, it seems like this dictionary has eluded people all over. There are a few things that have worked for most people as far as getting swype under control.

  1. To delete a single word, type it using Swype, highlight it (by clicking or double clicking the word), and press the Swype key (button with "info" icon)
  2. To add a word, type it very carefully letter by letter and press the Swype key to save it to the dictionary
  3. To batch add multiple words to the dictionary (this has been tested and worked), type the words you wish to add in a text document (either on your phone or on your computer and then view it on your phone). Highlight the block of text and push the Swype key. This should add every word in the block to the dictionary.
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In latest Swype beta (version, there's an option Personal Dictionary in Swype settings. It's an easy GUI way to manage Swype user dictionary.

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