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I'm started my LG Optimus One in System Recovery Mode. Vol Up/Vol Down buttons works - moving up/down through the menu. But i can't start menu item, for example 'reboot system now', or 'apply'.

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What type of System Recovery do you have? On my P500 everything is fine.

In AmonRA Recovery there are such bindings:

  • VolUp/VolDown - moving through menus

  • Back - previous menu level, cancel action

  • Menu - select menu item, approve action

Also I've noted that from some time back button doesn't work every time as I press it. I think it is hardware problem. Maybe I need to disassemble phone and make it maintenance.

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Normally you click the Power button to select items. That's how my Galaxy S works, anyways.

Edit: According to this, try using the Send Call button. And End Call for cancel. Or according to this, use the Camera button. I guess it depends on what recovery you have installed. Try selecting something that won't do any harm -- a further menu, for example. Not "factory reset" :P

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LG P500 has Menu, Home, Back, Search, Vol Up, Vol Down, Power buttons. I'm tried all of them :( – aetaur Jul 14 '11 at 16:12

if you're use the same custom recovery, according to this, on P500 to select item you press Menu button.

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