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Sprint has talks of starting LTE data, but for now all their 4g phones support WiMAX.

I am considering starting a sprint unlimited contract with the EVO 3D phone.

The phone supports WiMAX 4g, on a snapdragon msm8660 processor. I'm wondering if this phone will be able to support LTE if sprint does release it, or does LTE require a special modem?

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The HTC Evo does not contain any LTE hardware, so it wont work

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Even on Sprint, LTE will be supported through new devices, just like on all the other carriers. WiMAX is a different technology. Because they are both called 4G is irrelevant. HSPA+ is called 4G, too, and is also not the same as LTE (or WiMax),

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Right, I get that it's a completely different protocol, I was just curious if the EVO 3d has LTE hardware, or if its CDMA or WiMax Radios can support LTE through firmware tweaks. – Razor Storm Jul 17 '11 at 8:24
The technologies are on different frequencies; the filters used in the radios are all hardware and so you can't tweak it through firmware. – Broam Oct 20 '11 at 20:58

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