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Possible Duplicate:
What can I do to increase battery life on my Android phone?

Today I woke up after a night without charging my phone (galaxy s2). and he's dead, last night he was almost fully charged, what to check ? how can i avoid thids kind of issues?

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I suggest going for Battery Monitor great app tells you exactly what is running the battery the most and then you can kill that process etc

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I use JuiceDefender and JuicePlotter to conserve and monitor battery, almost doubles my battery life on Galaxy S.

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Best Option: root your phone and install some sort of CPU governor/undervolted kernel.

Things to try: Set brightness to minimum possible, turn wi-fi off, turn auto sync off or to do it only every few hours, turn data off (if not in use).

ALSO: I have an HTC phone, but this may work... type in ##4636## in your dialer and call it. If it works correctly it will bring up a menu. Go into your phone information and change your preferred network type to something else (depending on what your carrier is, I use GSM Auto)

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