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It seems the HTML Youtube application has all the features the Android Youtube application has. I want to remove the Android Youtube application. But I want to make sure that I will not lose any feature.

Do you know if the installed Android Youtube application has any extra features that the web Youtube does not have?

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You shouldn't lose any viewing features. The YouTube application is simply a way to make it easier to view and search, without having to load the entire html pages. Probably the only feature you wouldn't be able to take advantage of (and i don't know this for sure) is uploading. You can use the YouTube app to upload videos you've taken to your own YouTube account. And like i said, you might be able to do this through the browser, but the app is just a way to make it easier. Simplification is key.

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I also saw that the browser crashes when uploading big videos: – Eduardo Jul 22 '11 at 20:28

It has one major feature, at least on my phone, I can't watch playlists on the site, but I can from the app. I find that it loads faster and it's interface is much easier to use.

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