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I had one normal Android apk. It is working fine on my Android mobile. Now I want to install the same .apk on an Android tablet PC; is it possible? If possible, how can I install it?

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There are a few ways to install an app:

  1. Post it online (with something like Dropbox) and navigate to the URL in your tablet's browser
  2. Use the marketplace if it's listed there
  3. Use adb install to do it

Make sure on the device that you have checked the checkbox listed at Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources if it is not in the Market. This will allow you to install non-Market apps.

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You can download apkinstaller from android market and install it. after that just put your application apk in your tablet sdcard, and click on apkinstaller you will get your apk here. just click on your apk it will b installed .

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