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With the price of the Logitech Revue having dropped, I am interested in using the Google TV device purely for the (internet) functionality of the Android platform.

Since a "Cable or Satellite set top box with HDMI out" is listed as a requirement I am wondering if the device can be used without the HDMI input being connected.

I am aware that this might remove the TV functions that are at the core of the device.

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Yes, you will be able to use the Logitech Revue Google TV unit without the Set-Top Box. I am doing this with the Sony BlueRay Player w/GTV. During the set-up process simply skip the section for setting up the TV provider and you should be all set.

Here is a youtube video of a Revue functioning without a cable or satellite STB.

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I happen to use it primarily as a UPnP client. My internet connection is not that fast, so I download many of the youtube videos to my media server and watch it from there. Also, I have cable, but not HDMI capable. – lamcro Sep 15 '11 at 16:53

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