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I am fairly new to rooting / putting custom ROMs on devices; I finally have my phone in a state that I like, after putting Cyanogenmod 7 on my HTC Desire Z. Since I've done this, there have been a few point releases, and a minor release is not far away. However, I don't really know how to upgrade from one version to another (and I couldn't find any instructions on how to do so).

How do I upgrade from one version of Cyanogenmod to another? Is it the same process as installing it in the first place? Will I have to wipe all the data on my phone, as I did the first time?

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You can basically upgrade the same way as the original installation (flash the new ROM from recovery).

The general rule is: Do a complete wipe for major releases, but just clear the caches for minor releases. See this CM forum topic.

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