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My android comes with 3 different solid wallpapers. I have found more in the market but its paid. How to get a black wallpaper for free?

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Can you not make your own?

Open up paint or photoshop of some sort and fill an area black. Save the image as a png and then place on your phones memory card. Then on the phone set your wallpaper from the gallery and select the black image.

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Disclaimer: I am one of the developers, and super excited to announce that we just published a new app for this!

We focused on making it simple and really good looking to change your wallpaper to a solid color of your choice within the palette of Android Lollipop material colors. You can find the app in Google Play: Material Colors Wallpaper HD

Have a nice one :)

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The simplest way to create a black image is to keep the phone with camera down on desk (so that no light falls on the camera) and shooting an image.

Then simply set the recently shot image as your wall paper. :)

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I developed an app named Color Wallpaper that does this. It's free and available on the Android Market. There are many other colors to choose from besides black.

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You appear to be affiliated with the product you're recommending, please see the FAQ section on self-promotion and in future please disclose this in your answer. – GAThrawn Feb 24 '12 at 13:45
The app is removed from Play Store – Andrew T. Jun 11 '15 at 8:51

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