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Like many people my phone is most of the time in silent/vibrate mode. I was wondering if there's a way to assign different vibration patterns for different notifications, just like we do for ringtones and alerts with sounds. Maybe there's an app that allows us to do that? I couldn't find anything yet.

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SMS Popup does vibration patterns on a per contact basis (or for all texts).

Handcent does it only for all texts.

Missed Call will do vibration patterns for SMS (per contact), phone calls (per contact), Battery, Calendar events, device storage, etc.

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Using the Notification plug-in for Locale, you can set separate vibrate patterns for different conditions.

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Vibromaker is has pre-defined patterns.

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New app called WhoIsIt lets you customize the ring/notification audio and vibration.

Lifehacker review

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ViBe lets you select one of ten custom vibration patterns to attach to a contact for phone calls and SMS/MMS messages. (There's also a way to unlock and make custom vibration patterns.)

Free in the Market.

(Lifehacker review)

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Llama lets you create custom vibrate patterns for a variety of simple or complex events including location, either by typing in the pause,pulse,pause,pulse... numbers, or tapping out the pattern on a button

(Llama is free, funded by donations)

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