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So I've just rooted my Motorola Droid (I've done this before on the same device, but with a different method back on 2.0.1). I am on 2.2.2.

The root went successfully, Super User app was present, etc. I then installed ROM Manager and from my SD card.

After that, my phone would boot, then run through the boot animation, freeze, then start the boot animation over again, and repeat.

I made a backup through ROM Manager before the install, and have restored it.

From what I could tell, that went fine, but now I'm stuck in ClockwordMod Recovery each time I try to reboot my device.

It boots once, showing the Motorola logo, then shuts off, then boots again showing the logo, then goes directly into ClockworkMod, without me holding x or anything special.

Can I get out of this or am I bricked? And troubleshooting suggestions?

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Restoring a backup of one ROM over top of a different ROM is a bad idea; although it may work in some cases, the device partitions often get screwed up. You need to flash a working ROM -- preferably the original one -- and should have no problems doing so since you have Clockwork access.

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Where can I find a 'working' ROM? – Steve Robbins Aug 7 '11 at 5:28

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