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I am using a VNC server on my Android device (droidVNC it is called.) I have tried using multiple VNC viewers and each one has the same results:

  • the viewer window is a black screen (sometimes a blue screen.)
  • clicking on the viewer correctly sends the events to the phone (I can see the screen change, etc.) but it is just blind clicking and pretty unusable.

I think that since this is the same problem on multiple different viewers (TightVNC Viewr, RealVNC Viewer) that it is a problem with droidVNC server.

Do you think the problem is actually with the VNC Viewer?

Has anybody experienced something like this before, and are there any tips you can give to make the droidVNC server run faster/better?

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The Nook running CM7 has this problem for a while with both VNC and screenshot programs like ShootMe. IIRC, the solution was a boot paramter change to alter framebuffer size. You could give ShootMe a try and, if you get black screenshots, you know it isn't VNC. Unfortunately, if it is the framebuffer, you're out of luck. – Earl Aug 11 '11 at 14:33
Hey Earl, thanks a lot for the comment. ShootMe (which turns out to be called PicMe) works great. And actually, it seems to be its own VNC server, because clicking the "Live" option lets me send key events and move the mouse. Thanks again, if you want to post an answer I'll accept it. @Selvin thanks for the link, and if you have suggestions for the tags I will update them. – lampShaded Aug 11 '11 at 15:09

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