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This is somewhat simmilar to Can I Bluetooth tether my Android to iPhone?, but since it is 7 months old and belongs to different Android version, I will ask again.

I want to buy EEE Pad Transformer (which comes with Honeycomb) and I want to tether it with my iPhone 3G, which supports only Bluetooth tethering. Will that be possible? (I will clarify - I want to tether the 3G connection, that I have on iPhone, to EEE Pad)

I know that the question is half about iPhone, but I think it is more about Android, since I know bluetooth tethering works on iPhone 3G end, I just want to know if it will work on recieving end on EEE Pad Transformer.

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Tethering an iOS device to an android device will cause a wormhole to open and suck them both in. I don't recommend it.

the non-sarcastic response to bt tethering on honeycomb

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Thanks! Will try it once I got to try EEEpad. – Karel Bílek Aug 31 '11 at 18:10

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