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I have a Nook running cm7 off a class 2 4gb sandisk. I've installed a couple of Apps on my device. I've noticed, after going to managing apps, that some apps are actually being installed internally and some apps being installed onto the SD card. I am planning to upgrade to a class 4 16gb sandisk, and I want to completely start fresh, how do I remove pre-existing apps internally? I'm slightly confused. Thanks.


Actually, so I guess verygreens method splits the SD card into 2. The first "internal (1gb)", second being the "rest of the sd ( total sd - 1gb)". So..to my understanding, apps defaults to installing "internally" or the first partition, how can I make it so it defaults to the larger partition? Or do I need to manually move it after each install of a new application?

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I would just repartition the SD card so that the first partition is larger. AFAIK the system doesn't rely only the partition size, just the order.

You could, however, run su then pm setInstallLocation 2 in a terminal on the device, or from adb shell, assuming you have root. That will make installs default to the "SD card", your second partition.

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Would I have to do that via superuser? –  diesel Aug 20 '11 at 18:20
@diesel You have to su first, since the command will fail if not done as root; if you mean the Superuser app, it should prompt you to allow access when you run the command in a terminal, but otherwise you don't use the app. –  Matthew Read Aug 20 '11 at 21:36

Apps are stored in the .android directory of your card. The . means it is hiddden on Unix systems :)

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