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As in the title -

When I'm writing a text and hit backspace, it always exits to the 'delete by selection' view for the person I'm writing to. Which is especially annoying b/c when I hit back to escape that screen, it takes me to the top of the list of conversations between me and that person, necessitating me spending either a long period of time scrolling, or exiting the menu entirely and beginning again.

Any tips on how I can get it to stop doing this? I have a HTC Desire HD.

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Found a thread of people with the same issue.

HTC was contacted an to fix they said factory reset your phone:

With the phone turned off, press and hold the Volume Down key.

Briefly press the Power key.

Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear.

Press the Volume Down key twice to select CLEAR STORAGE.

Press the Power.

When asked to confirm, press Volume Up

HOWEVER this has not worked for many users.

The second fix would be this:

*hey i will GWY<----- when you make a mistake like that instead of tapping the backspace button to get rid of your mistakes. Press AND HOLD it until it gets rid of your mistakes its a SLIGHT fix but its ALOT easier to have to deal with the whole delete by selection issue

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