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I Have an HTC DESIRE which I upgraded to Gingerbread recently. My friend told me about Galnet MIUI for Desire, and now I want to root my device. Is this possible? These are my phone's specs:

Android Version  2.3.3
Base band version -
Kernel Version
Build No 3.14.405.1 CL 96875
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The "low storage space" issue has been covered in the past (particularly regarding the Desire). You can take a look at this question for some good information. – eldarerathis Aug 30 '11 at 13:07
Also related: How to root a HTC Desire running official Android 2.3? – Izzy Feb 6 '13 at 14:12


  • Rooting allows you to install a custom recovery (Clockwork Mod or AmonRa) to install ROMs
  • S-OFF allows you to change the HBOOT to rearrange your internal partitions

I rooted with Unrevoked before I used Alpharev's S-OFF some months later

Nowadays it's easier apparently. You can get S-OFF with Unrevoked Forever too but I'm not sure your phone is supported. And Unrevoked/Alpharev teamed up for revolutionary

Finally, there are many ROMS out there, some are better then others. I use Oxygen personally with the Oxygen HBOOT for 330MB internal data space. I'd use Devnull (same developers) but it doesn't have long press to kill

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For rooting HTC Desire 2.3.3 official update you have to use beta app. Its very simple process. You've to download the program on your computer (Windows/Linux), get the beta key from the website and follow the steps the program asks you to do. I've written a detailed blog here if you want.

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