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My Android phone connected to Facebook and grabbed all my friends. Now I want to edit their info and add a mobile number, but it does not let me do that; it only lets you change their ringtone and a few other little options.

I am also using GO Contacts from Go Launcher. It's a little annoying when I click "edit a Facebook contact" and it goes to the phone's default contact sheet.

If I click a person I input manually it will go to that person in the Go Contact app and give me extra options and all that good stuff.

Is this a problem with Go Contacts or something? Can anyone recommend something better? Needs to have a dark skin.

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From your contact list, select the Facebook contact that you would like to edit. Click the menu button and choose Edit Contact. You'll see an indication that the user is a Facebook contact and may not be edited. Now click the Menu button again and choose New contact. This will create a new contact in your address book and merge the Facebook profile information with that contact. You may now edit the contact to have additional details, such as a phone number.

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