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If you open the official messaging App, go to menu then settings, there is a setting "creation mode" which has the following options (in that order):

  • restricted
  • warning
  • free

What does this change? Is this documented somewhere?

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From a Google search for "mms creation mode" I found this (among others) which says:

MMS creation mode — Select Restricted to have your device prevent you from including content in multimedia messages that may not be supported by the network or the receiving device. To receive warnings about including such content, select Guided. To create a multimedia message with no restrictions on attachment type, select Free. If you select Restricted, creating multimedia presentations is not possible.

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Messages longer than 3 texts in length get sent as MMS (picture messages) rather than SMS (texts), thereby costing more than texts, or being outside your contract (if you have pre-paid texts).

  • If you leave this setting on 'Free', this conversion to an MMS will happen with no warning.
  • If you leave this setting on 'Warning', you get a brief flash of a warning message on your screen when you type a message that is longer than 3 texts in length.
  • If you have it on 'Restricted', you shouldn't be able to type a longer message in one go, but I have to say that my Galaxy Ace is set on 'Restricted' and I have still managed to inadvertently send a long message as an MMS.
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