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I use Dvorak as my main typing layout. I own a Motorola Xoom tablet, for which I bought an external bluetooth keyboard. I couldn't find how to use Dvorak on the physical keyboard though; I tried some of the Dvorak-capable keyboard apps in the App Store (Hacker's Keyboard, Honso Multiling, XenionSH Dvorak Keyboard), but none of these seemed to help (ASK has an open issue for this: http://code.google.com/p/softkeyboard/issues/detail?id=181)

Has anyone managed to do something similar (using either an external BT keyboard or a phone with an inbuilt physical keyboard.)

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If your phone is rooted I think that you can write your own keyboard layout. I'm using my own layout (on SGS I9000) for some Chinese blouetooth keyboard that I bougth recently.

Layout files are in /system/usr/keylayout/ directory. Layout file that is used by my keyboard is Broadcom_Bluetooth_HID.kl. I think that layout used by built-in keyboard will be qwerty.kl - you could modify it and check if it's working.

Remember to make backups of original files before changing it...

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Thanks - for those looking for more detail I found the following tutorials: mjvanderwielen.com/?p=1321 and jahrome.free.fr/index.php/… . Note that these require root. –  zcrar70 Sep 5 '11 at 21:50

I've made an app that supports a lot (over 30) different layouts and for the latest version (version 2.7) I've added the Dvorak layout. It does not require root.

You can read more about the app here: http://www.apedroid.com/android-applications/external-keyboard-helper

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