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I'm using Cyanogen 7 on an HTC Wildfire.

I find swiping the top of the screen to get into Notifications a bit hit and miss, and too tiring : )

Is there some way to get a notifications shortcut onto the homescreen (or the menu for the homescreen).

For example, the Sense ROM had a shortcut to notifications in the homescreen menu, and that was pretty handy.

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If you're using the default version of ADW Launcher that comes with CyanogenMod 7 then you can add a shortcut to your homescreen fairly easily. Long press on an empty space on one of your home screens and then select Launcher Actions->Open/close notifications to add the shortcut.

On older versions of ADW you can also do this, but you have to use a "custom shortcut" instead. Specifically, you long press on an empty space and then select Custom shortcut. Then on the dialog that appears you press the Pick your activity button and select Launcher Actions->Open/close notifications.

I'm not aware of any way to make it appear in the homescreen menu, unfortunately. It's one of the only features I miss from Sense.

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