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Theoretically, it should do this automatically. In practice, sometimes it works, sometimes not. All the pages below have proper favicons, but only the O Globo and Amazon favicons made it to the desktop icon. (The former in a better way, as you can see.) I added them the usual way, with Menu -> Add -> Shortcut -> Bookmark.

This is a (rooted) Milestone running Motorola's official 2.2.1 update. These are the pages involved:

Any reason for that erratic behavior?

home screen

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It has to do with the site having an icon for "apple-touch" defined in the page. for example O Globe has the following:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="favicon.png" />

And it works. There are differences in how other versions of android handle this. Here is an article explaining some how this works a bit. There could also be a "catch 22" to this though, as I see that the mobile Twitter site does have the apple-touch-icon-precomposed but doesn't seem to show the icon. This could be because of something Motorola did differently in their modified version of Android, or it could just be a bug.

If the site does not define the icon, then you can use a tool like Any Cut to change the icon.

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It seems "Any Cut" app is removed from Play Store. – Andrew T. Dec 14 '15 at 3:40

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