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I have a rooted HTC Hero, currently running VillainRom (Android 2.1). I want to install FroydVillain (Android 2.2), which supports app2sd, but I'm not sure whether I need to repartition my SD card before I install 2.2 and if yes, how, if I want app2sd to work. Any ideas?

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The CyanogenMod wiki has some info on this.

Basically, their old version of apps2sd (now called apps2ext) required an EXT partition on the SD card.

Their current version does not require partitioning, it's just a matter of overriding the preference of the app and moving it to the SD card anyways.

Since FroydVillain is based on CM6, you don't need to format your SD card; CM6+ uses the new apps2sd, not apps2ext.

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Thanks a lot, that is very useful! – Richard Rodriguez Sep 20 '11 at 18:15

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