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Any idea how can I connect my Samsung Galaxy S II to Freebox server? I have no idea how to set up wifi connection between them. Please note that I want to connect my phone to Freebox server as described here, I just want to get pictures straight off of my phone onto the Freebox server to TV.

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what's a "Freebox"? From a quick google search, you could be referring to a certain French ISP or to an music Jukebox software. – Lie Ryan Sep 25 '11 at 23:07

If you are speaking about Free as the french ISP...

The freebox is an ADSL modem that the french ISP Free provides to his client. It includes a modem / nas / tv and other funny stuff... It provides also multimedia features like photo gallery and video player 1

It presents a nas system accessible thru FTP, and other protocole. To answer to your question, you can install a FTP client on your mobile and connect directly to your server to put your photos. But the prerequisite is a configured server...

To go further and help you to configure all stuff, we need to know which version of freebox do you have, v5 or v6 (HD)

You can find a really good tutorial in french on this page: 2

An extract of configuration needed for the HD version.

You need to configure your freebox server if it's not already done via the following site:

The freebox server is accessible thru the following parameters / put it into your android ftp client:

  • address :
  • login : freebox
  • password configured one on :
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