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I recently started using Simplenote. I want to be able to take and read my notes while on the go. There is a native iOS app, but not for Android.

Are there third-party apps that will sync with Simplenote? What is your experience with it/them?

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The Simplenote website actually lists some Android clients. Click the link and scroll down to "mobile", where you'll find 4 or 5 of them listed.

I tried Evernote myself, and had the worst experience. I have a Droid 2, and the notes were not reliably syncing to my PC. The Evernote customer service is the worst I've ever experienced in my life. They don't allow a dialogue with their people. They close your case before your problem is solved. It's a real mess. That's why I'm giving Simplenote a try.

Good luck!

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  1. mNote works well, simple.
  2. AndroNoter (never tried it but it is ad free)

Both are free. I have never used it on an iPhone so I don't have a basis of comparison. I also don't use Simplenote much anymore because I've consolidated to just Evernote. I also preferred 3Banana to Simplenote but in the end opted for Evernote.

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I have been using AndroNoter for a couple days now and it works well. mNote gave me a bit of trouble because it didn't like some character in my password. The developer wrote back to me quickly, though, so I'll check it out when there is a new release. – Al E. Sep 25 '10 at 22:51
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Simplenote is updating all of their apps, and that also means that they've released an official Android app.

The official app doesn't require an account to use; you can take and store notes locally on your device before signing up to the free service for cloud syncing. Although third-party apps were previously available, the official option is a welcome one that gives Android users an experience in line with the iOS app.

Simplenote's expansion to Android comes just over half a year since Wordpress owner Automattic bought the service, pledging to improve its mobile apps.

Simplenote on Google Play

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