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My Motorola Droid just informed me that Kickback and Soundback were updated. Clicking on the updates takes me nowhere, and they aren't listed in installed programs that I can see. What are these programs?

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These are accessibility apps. One of Motorola's FAQ questions summarizes their purposes well:

KickBack - Check to vibrate the phone briefly as feedback as you navigate the phone’s user interface, press buttons, and so on.

TalkBack - Check to cause an installed speech synthesizer to speak the labels or names of items as you navigate the phone’s user interface.

SoundBack - Check to play a sound as you navigate the phone’s user interface.

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Makes me rest a bit easier knowing this. Thanks. – Doozer Blake Oct 5 '11 at 18:32

Kickback / Soundback / talkback are Google's accessibility offerings. To turn them on, go to SETTINGS > ACCESSIBILITY.

They allow users with low vision to navigate around Android by reading out and giving noises / vibrating feedback when buttons are pressed or new notifications are shown.

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