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Android apps can access sensor data. How do I know how accurate the sensor readings are? Is there a universal standard that specifies operational parameters of a sensor?

E.g., a temperature sensor on an Android device must be able to accurately read temperature with an accuracy of 0.01C over a temperature range from 0C through 100C.

If there is such a standard, is it available for reference online?

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Google has an Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) (see that specifies the minimum (and suggested guidelines) for what a device must physically support to be allowed to use the Android branding (and to get the Google Market and Google's android apps).

The latest CCD in section 7.3 lists the minimum requirements of the sensors. The temperature sensor (section 7.3.7) is actually listed as something that Android devices should not include. There are not specs for this sensor's sensitivity.

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