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In Google Maps Android 5.10 you can save a place by clicking and starring the place. However, the name of the saved place is automatically generated by Maps, and can't be edited.

Is there a good way to edit that title, to show the correct/actual name of that place for example?

Googling I only found a solution involving editing the starred place in Google Bookmarks webapps. Is there a better solution?

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After starring a place in Google Maps Android, you can open Google Bookmarks webapps to display your bookmarks. Sort by date to show your latest bookmark and clicking on the Edit button allows you to edit that place bookmark title. The new title would display in My Places (now shown as Your Places) on Google Maps Android.

Not an ideal solution, but a workaround involving additional webapps.

Update 13 July 2015 Unfortunatley latest Google Maps Android (version 9.11.0 2015) doesn't show the place bookmark titles that you have edited in Google Bookmarks webapps.


  • Android Forum - Google Maps - Label Starred Locations? - 9 April 2010 - provides three workarounds: #9 add suffix "(Title)" to address in Google Maps webapps before starring (not editing on Android); #11 use Google Bookmarks to edit title (solution I chose above); #14 add to contacts and edit contacts names (will search each time use the address in contacts).
  • Google Mobile Android Forum - Why can't I edit the name of a "Starred" place on google maps? - 1 June 2011 - mentioned bookmark & contacts solutions above, also registering an address as a business place, then can edit the title.
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A bit cumbersome but inevitable. Thanks. – Benjamin Apr 18 '13 at 15:57
I was going to edit My Places to Your Places as it shows in latest Google Maps Android. But I didn't see the edit to saved places title I did in Google Bookmarks webapps showing there. I'll wait a while and see. Or can someone else confirm this workaround is still working? – sabre23t Jun 10 at 5:56

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