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I have loaded the Dolphin browser on my HTC Android phone.

Each time I open my bookmark it loads a new tab in the browser which means I have many running and I have to go in and close the tabs.

Does anyone know how to make it use an existing tab of the browser? I don't want the browser to have so many tabs open. I realise this will mean if I have TWO apps the previous will show then open the bookmark. Alternatively, is it possible to have Dolphin close my tabs when the Home button is pushed?

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In the current version of Dolphin:
Menu Button > Settings (ship's wheel) > Customize > Open links in > By default

Default will open in the page is set up to open the link into (normally the same page), other choices are Open in background tab (current tab remains the active tab), and Open in new tab.

Older versions of Dolphin had option under Labs instead of under Customize.


I find it best to stick with the default open in the same tab, but will often use a bookmarklet to force tabs to open in a new tab when I want to make sure I don't fail to use the context menu to open a link in a new tab, for which I assign a gesture written as "nt" in Dolphin, or a keyword shortcut of "nt:" in Firefox (where : is not hard to type on a keyboard).

Name:     NT: New Tab
Address: javascript:(function(){var%20a=document.getElementsByTagName('a');document.title='||'+document.title+'||';for(var%20i=0,j=a.length;i<j;i++){a[i].setAttribute('target','_blank');}})();

When creating the bookmarklet in Dolphin, create by replacing content of a newly created bookmarklet with the above content, typing a space instead of %20 and and suggest changing the folder to one you have created as "bookmarklets" within your bookmarks.

see my page on Dolphin Gestures

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