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Got a new bluetooth radio in my car and want to add voice control when it is connected.

I was thinking that when it either first connects it listens once so I can open up the music app of my choice or to have it constantly listening though I don't know how smooth that would work out.

Any ideas? I already have it setup to disable the unlock screen and open Slacker. Want to do this cause I still have to look at my phone occassionally and want to try not to.

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Does the bluetooth device have a "call" button, or is it only for audio playing? In most bluetooth hands-free setups, you can initiate voice dialing with that button. "voice dialing" in the android sense is the generic voice input which has a number of options, but you could presumably intercept this with Tasker, instead. – TREE Nov 1 '11 at 14:16
It has a call button that just brings up another menu to search for calls by dialed, missed, phonebook etc. – riotburn Nov 1 '11 at 14:37

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