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I am trying to get my hands on the average read/write speed(s) of the RAM bundled on the said phone. Just wondering how this faces off with a Class 10 micro SD. I was thinking if the Class rating was high enough, maybe using swap might be a good idea.

Q1.) Is there a Class rating that is performing almost onpar with the RAM random access timing? Q2.) Is my theoretical basis invalid?

Thank you!

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According to this discussion on MoDaCo, the RAM throughput of an Acer Liquid is 1.3 GB/s. Even if the Ace's RAM is slower (unlikely) it's got to be way faster than the Class 10 SD card speed (10 MB/s write).

So yes, your theoretical basis is invalid given that Class 10 is the highest rating. Even UHS-II cards with a "theoretical" max speed of over 300 MB/s are slow compared to RAM, and few phones support SDXC cards anyways.

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And for what it's worth, I think a typical setup for a decent device these days is LPDDR1 RAM (convenient table), which can be considered roughly equivalent to standard DDR SDRAM (which, even in its slowest form, has a peak transfer rate of about 1600 MB/s). You'd have to have both very slow RAM and a smoking fast SD card, methinks. – eldarerathis Nov 4 '11 at 19:10

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