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When I open Google Calendar on my Android phone, it starts up showing October 1 2011. The phone knows the current date; pressing menu and then the today button goes to the correct day. I'd just like it to default to today like it did before 10/1. Any ideas?

This is Calendar 2.3.6, Android 2.3.6 GKR39F, on a Nexus s.

This forum thread seems to describe the same problem, but it's unresolved.

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Similar:… – Al E. Nov 7 '11 at 13:35
It's worse than that -- when I go to create a new appointment, the default date of the appointment is typically sometime last week. As if I needed to remind myself to do something in the past. Grr – offby1 Nov 8 '11 at 3:21
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looks like this is a bug caused by agenda view and multi-day calendar entries. if you have one that includes the current day, calendar opens to the first day of that entry. fortunately, i think the bug is fixed upstream:

simplest workaround is to delete the multi-day entry. :/

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