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Is there a tool I can use to download the sales information for my android app. For the itunes store, apple provides a tool for the same here:

Are there similar tools for the android apps sales data? OR are there any external tools? I noticed that appmonger is an app that provides the same. Are there any other external tools/sites?

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This is only marginally on-topic as questions about the Market from a developers perspective are off-topic. (Check out the proposal for App Stores, where this would be on-topic.) However, since you're asking about, and there may be, an app for your device that would do what you need, I think it's good enough to stay. – Al E. Nov 9 '11 at 13:52

I use AppMonger by Rectangular Software and I love it. There is a widget that can report sales right on the home screen. The app costs like $4.00 but it is well worth it. The developer updates the app on a regular basis and is good about giving support via email if needed. Also if bugs are reported, there is a pretty good turn around for the fix.

There are different time spans that you can select to get reports for. You can get reports for all apps or specific apps.

Some information that is supplied is:

  • Daily Revenue/Units Sold
  • Revenue/Units Sold by Product
  • Revenue/Units Sold by Country
  • Revenue/Units Sold by Day of the Week
  • Revenue/Units Sold by Hour of the Day
  • Order Statuses
  • Orders List

enter image description here

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thanks Ryan. Are there other options that you are aware of? – gokul Nov 10 '11 at 0:33
I looked for a while. I found a couple that were either free or cheaper, but this was the only one that I ever actually got to connect successfully to google checkout. – Ryan Conrad Nov 10 '11 at 3:27

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