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Is there an app that can identify height and width of the image or object captured by a camera of my phone.

Example is: It can identify the height and width of the dog or building or the person.

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For certain cases with low accuracy (requires taking multiple cameras, you can't do it from one saved photo): See this question.

I general: Nope. Even humans can't do this without reference information not present in a photograph. A short person against a plain white wall filling the frame of one picture appears to be the same height as a tall person with the same proportions against the same wall filling the frame of a second picture, and so on.

The most important reference information is a second perspective. This is why we have two eyes and people talk about loss of depth perception when a single eye is lost or covered.

Is there an existing algorithm that can take multiple photos and possibly some extra info and make a semi-accurate guess about the sizes of some objects in some photos? Probably. Is there an Android app implementing it? Probably not.

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Smart Measure advocates the ability to do what you are looking for. The advertise:

Measure the distance, height, width and area of an object with your phone. Smart Measure Pro is the 2nd set of Smart Tools collection (distance, height, width, area).

Although, there are quite a few variables to be aware of:

enter image description here

They also have a free version with reduced features.

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