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I'm looking for a ERD (entity relationship diagram) editor for tablets and also a flowchart diagram... Haven't found any till now...

Does anybody knows some good app for that?

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Don't know about ERD -- but there some (flowchart) diagram editors around:

  • AndyUML can create and share simple UML diagrams. It's not "drawing", you rather "write the code", like with Graphviz
  • Dianoid can Create diagrams, uml-like flowcharts, mind-maps and sketches quickly and easily.
  • DroidDia describes itself as similar as Microsoft Visio, but for Android tablets and phones.
  • Smart Diagram says: Usage: Flow Chart, Tree Diagram, Mind Map, etc

There might be some more -- but this should get you started.

Some screenshots: Dianoid (left), AndyUML (right).

Dianoid AndyUML

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