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I have a Galaxy S phone, and every time a call ends it plays a cascading series of 4 tones. Regardless of how my phone's ringtone volume is set - e.g. even if I have it on silent mode - these tones play. It's especially annoying when I'm wearing my headset, which seals against my ear, making these tones much louder than the call was. I have to jerk my headset away from my ear unless I want to endure it, and I don't like to complain, but it's f-ing LOUD. Is there any way that I can disable this end of call sound? It doesn't matter which headset I use; this is a function of the phone itself. Can't find anything in the manual about it, either.

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On my phone (Galaxy S) it's in Settings -> Call settings -> All calls -> Call status tones -> Call end tone.

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