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I use my Galaxy S as a wifi tether hotspot for my tablet and laptop, so tethering is always on (I have extended battery so it's ok). But if my phone is in the area where I have wifi internet (for example, at home) I don't need it to act as hotspot and want it to stop tethering and connect wifi. Is there a way to automatically start tethering if no wifi is available and stop it / connect wifi if wifi is available for long enough?

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You can do so e.g. with Tasker, adapting the Wifi Tether Profile described in the Tasker Wiki -- provided your phone is rooted:



  • Tether-On:
    Plugin -> Execute Script -> Run Shell /data/data/android.tether/tether start 1, check "Use Root"
    (with the Locale Execute Plugin, prefix the command with an ! to mark it as "root command")
  • Tether-Off:
    Plugin -> Execute Script -> Run Shell /data/data/android.tether/tether stop 1
    (with the Locale Execute Plugin, prefix the command with an ! to mark it as "root command")


You now can attach these tasks to any condition, such as e.g. "Wifi Near" with your networks name. You can also add things like "Wifi On" / "Wifi off" to above tasks to customize.

Detailed descriptions can be found in the linked Wiki.

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Locale Execute Plug-In is dead – laggingreflex Jul 31 '13 at 4:39
Thanks for the pointer! See my update. – Izzy Jul 31 '13 at 6:04

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