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I am using a T-Mobile G2X with CyanogenMod 7 nightly (10/27). Android version 2.3.7.

When I get an email at night, the four notification icons at the bottom of the G2X will stay lit all night, draining my battery unnecessarily. I've exhausted myself looking through the Settings app for a way to make them flash every few minutes, or something, to conserve power.

Is this possible? If I can't make them flash, can I just turn them off completely?

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Try BLNControl Pro, provided your kernel supports BLN (BackLight Notification).

It has a schedule function that allows a user to disable BLN during the night or a specified period of time along with options to change blink rate as well as time-out of the backlight remaining on as well as a battery threshold beyond which BLNs won't be activated.

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